Friday, November 30, 2012

Black and White Outfit

Hello everyone :)
Of course you know that Daphne went to London for a week.. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go with her but she came back with many gifts!
Soo she bought me this lovely black and white dress!
I loved that on the top is heart shaped..
When I saw this dress I said to myself that I need a white coat.
So I got one and I'm wondering why for so many years I was hesitating to buy a white coat..
 Also Daphne bought me this hot pink purse with the cute little bow.
So this is what I'm going to wear today :)
Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Advertise in December

It's that time again that you have the opportunity to get advertised on Bubble my Licorice.
This month we had over 4.000 visitors per week!
Visit this page and purchase the Super Large, The Original Medium or The Small and Cute ad via passionfruit.
It's super easy to do and our prices are really low!
So don't wait any longer.

We'll be really excited to work with you :)

Daphne and Gracie

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fabric Rose Necklace Review

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm wearing a lovely necklace made from Shannah!
This fabric rose necklace is available in her etsy store in many colors.
As you can see the color is really vivid!
I'm really excited  wearing handmade jewelry because they are unique..
Also I love roses so I couldn't resist!
So what do you think?


Saturday, November 24, 2012

London Journals: part 1

Hello everyone! I was in London these days visiting my sister with my friend Efi. We took loads and loads of photos and decided to share some of them with you, like a trip journal.
OK so first of all we visited this great patisserie at SoHo! It's called "Patisserie Valerie" and they have shops all around London. Originally we wanted to eat pancakes and cookies but couldn't find such shop. 
hohoho look at all these goodies! <3

Then we rented bikes. You can rent bikes from automatic machines anywhere in London. And return them wherever you want. It's 1 pound for 1 hour which I think it's a great deal ;)
Lol I was so scared at first! Bikes are really not my thing but it was much more convenient to do some sight-seeing without exhausting ourselves.

You can also see Efi on the picture above. I'm just sad I'm not allowed to post more proper pictures of her as well. So you will only see me in the photos looking for ever alone.

A cute little park.

And of course Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
A big house (?) that looked cool
me there

And yeah, these are the first day pictures. Well there will be probably 2 more posts with more pictures.

Oh London how much i love you XD
The most exciting thing was the shopping to be honest. And of course the food. Although that was kinda expensive.

So check out my new pullover and scarf! hehe
Loads of people told me that they loved how it matched my hair color. Which was my goal to be honest.

And another intresting fact was that the weather was great! Which is quite unusual for London. It only rained once while we were there! 

So yeah, have you ever been to London? 
And if so, what's your favourite thing to do there?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ella I Love You

Hello everyone :)
Since Daphne came back from London I'm really happy!
She bought me dresses and many many cute stuff that I can't wait to wear!
But since she came back our little kitten Ella stays in her home and I've really missed her..
She was siting next to me all the time but now her spot is empty..
We were watching Dr.Phil and silent movies together..
We were having so much fun together.
Of course I see her all the time in Daphne's house but I still can't get used that she doesn't sleep besides me.
Actually she never did that but doesn't matter.
Ella you are the sweetest little kitten and this post is dedicated to you <3


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Venus rose necklace

Hello everyone! The purpose of today's post is to remind everyone that I still exist and to show off this super cute necklace that me and Gracie made! It's pretty cool isn't it? The idea was to take the Venus symbol (the symbol of feminism) and create a statement jewelry. 
You might have thought that feminism was just Gracie's thing due to the number of feminism related posts she made (ex 1, 2 ,3). But I support feminism as well (why wouldn't I?) but it's kinda difficult for my engineer brain to write in a literary way. But I try my best! I feel such a badass wearing this and I hope people will see this and recognise the meaning behind it. Sorry for the face spam but today was a good hair day as well (keep in mind that it has been raining for 2 days straight and it's really a miracle I don't have an Afro yet)  
In other news, and totally irrelevant from the picture and the post, I went to London this week to visit my sister with my friend Efi. So expect 2-3 post with pictures of myself having fun (and mainly eating food) in London. Exciting! But seriously now, check out how awesome the blue frame turned out! Tomorrow morning I'll go buy a real chain (or string, I haven't decided yet) and this will become even more beautiful. 
Gah, I wish more people would wear quirky and colorful necklace, it's the perfect way to lighten up all these dark winter clothes we are wearing.  And we'll make more to match any hair color haha
I hope you guys liked this as well and please if you have ANY idea of feminism related jewelry tell me in the comments! I need more of these kind of necklaces (or rings or earrings or whatever!)


Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Hairstyles I Would Die to Have

So lately I've been thinking how awesome it would be 
if I could change my hairstyle from short to long and the opposite every day.
This is the top 5 of the hair I would like to have..
In the 5th this awesome hairstyle make me wanna chop my hair off!
I don't know if it's short or medium but I love the way it's all cut uneven..
The 4th place goes to this vintage hairstyle.
I'm in love with blue hair, but if you combine blue hair with victory rolls then can almost faint from excitement!
The 3rd position is dedicated to a hairstyle I was obsessed with for many years.
I love this puffiness!
The second position goes to this vintage hairstyle.
These curls are really well placed.
The First place belongs to this hairstyle!
When I cut my hair short I dreamed about this hairstyle..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Parrot Problems

Hello everyone :)
Today I wanna share with you a really weird story..
The last days some green parrots are coming to Daphne's balcony and eat the food of her parrots.
So we don't know if Daphne's parrots are having new friends or they just get bullied..
I mean it's upsetting to have two parrots eating your food uninvited!
But maybe we are seeing the matter the wrong way.
Maybe Daphne's parrots offer their food to their new stray friends but this side of the story is really hard to believe since those parrots are getting bullied all the time by Ella..
Our cat loves to put her little paws inside the cage and try to catch them!
Of course the parrots are freaking out and we are afraid that even if our cat never catch them there is a huge probability to have a stroke or a heart attack out of fear.

Should we try to catch those green parrots?


Monday, November 12, 2012

Chillin At Home With Ella

Hello everyone :)
Today was a cold day and stayed home with Ella (mine and Daphne's little kitten)
We ate,we watched movies and we played with all her toys!
But sometimes she gets a little bit grumpy and doesn't want a hug anymore :(
But despite her mood swings she is the cutest little kitten!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Day In A Seminar

Hello everyone :)
These days we are super busy with the blog as we have many projects to finish..But we found time to attend a seminar about web developing!
I know Daphne looks so excited in this photo..
and the room wasn't empty... We were on a break..
This seminar was a collaboration of our unies so it was a one's in a lifetime experience to see journalists and engineers together.
It was a 3 hour seminar and we were really exhausted!
Our friend Efi took these photos, she is a great photographer..
Thank you Efi :)
So I guess that was an exciting post..
But you know what's exciting???
The new jewelry that we make..
We'll have really soon a post about our new creations and we hope that you'll like them..

Daphne and Gracie

Monday, November 5, 2012

Cat Ring Giveaway Winner!!

We happily announce that the giveaway winner is:


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things we love

We love cinnamon rolls so much! Last year we managed to make our own
But I think next time we are going to try this recipe. Can't wait!

Are you tired of watching youtube cooking videos but still want to make an amazing Creme Brulle?
Senior Arpakasso is here to help you out ;)

As for clothing now, check out this amazing dress by Amordress.
Where do you find these fabrics..

And of course these unique necklaces. The Snitch and the Globe :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Could You Be A Superwoman?

Lately I've been reading the news more frequently and I have to admit that I'm really disturbed by the material of some online news pages.. As you may know in my uni we have many classes related to feminism so it's really natural to me to search and be drawn to this kind of subject in any form.. commercials, movies, books etc. So I read this article about how women used to be "real" which can be translated as oldfashioned housewives.. The writer thought that it would be a nice idea to say that a woman that stayed in her house had morals and values that today's girls haven't.. The most disturbing part wasn't the opinion of one misogynist but people's comments under the article which mostly said that a woman's place is in the home.
Modern societies seem to be free from prejudice but the root of misogyny is deeper than the theatrical surface of equal rights. Women are oppressed, judged and blamed simply because they exist. The battle of the sexes was never equal, women are traumatised everyday of their lives because society says they can't match up a man, as they are not a man. The theory of feminism in his early existence lead 'till now to the opposite direction in which a woman is forced to prove herself as a superwoman. Superwoman is the female that not only feels the need to be a leader indoors and outdoors but also has to maintain a breathtaking image(with make up, tight clothes and heels) of the seductive female.
The need to complete all those roles emanates from the high expectation society. The people around us most of the time have a really strict opinion about women's appearance and choices. I feel that is a common experience to be apologetic about not finding time to do your make up. So even for the smallest things women put themselves  in a lower position because society tough them that's where they belong..
The trick that the society use on young girls is that  perfection is the only way to be respectful. But what we can do to eliminate all this hate? It's simple, the next time you feel judgmental about a girl,  think twice 
'cause next time this girl might be you.

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