Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunny Day In Athens In My Handmade Dress

Hello everyone :)
These days the weather gets better and better (actually only if you like hot, sunny summer time)
So I went for a walk in Athens and I took with me my big pink hat to protect my hair!
It's really difficult to maintain my color this time of the year.
The sun always makes it fade like crazy and I haven't dared yet to put it on sea water but I can imagine the result..
But besides the tempting part of keeping the color vibrant I love dressing up in blue..

This is a dress that I made and it's probably the most awesome dress I've ever created..
I feel like it's flirty and fun and actually I could die for a two piece dress.
So how do you feel about summer?


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blog Changes Starring Ella The Cat

Hello everyone :)
These days we are thinking of changing a little bit our blog.
Everyone wants to get better, so we kinda feel that it's time to improve our blog appearance!
This work needs several weeks to get finished but everyday we have with us the greatest judge of all...Ella!
She just sits there and judges our work..
Of course she might have not clearly understood what we are doing but she hates to feel left alone..
She wants our full attention and when see doesn't have it she jumps in front of the computer screen!
Ella is so adorable, none can resists her big googly eyes and her extra soft belly.
She loves to play all the time but as soon as she gets tired she stops and breathes heavily.
Her favorite game besides her little pink mouse(oh yes is pink because we wanted to match Daphne's hair!) is chasing us around the house!
She runs and hides and then she attacks our legs by holding them with her paws..
The point is that this little lady can't handle not beeing the center of attention.
It's obvious that the work must be done and kittens must be pet!
What changes would you like to see in our blog?
Do you trust your pets opinion?


Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Day At Hellenic Broadcasting Channel

Hello everyone :)
As you may know this winter I had my internship at the Hellenic Broadcasting Channel, 
for six months I was editing videos, organising the news and interviewing people.
Now this experience is over since today was my last day at work.
I've learned that journalism is a jungle and only the most dedicated can succeed, 
you have to be sure about yourself and your work, cause if you question your actions none can trust you.
I was always confident of whatever I did and that's how I earned the respect of the journalists.
The most annoying obstacle was mixing the professionalism with my appearance,.
My blue hair was the key element of their judgment,it's easy to assume that the girl with the blue hair won't be able to get the work done.
But when the lights went on I proved that the color of the hair can't determine the professionalism.
Now I know that as a woman with blue hair I have to work harder to prove myself.
The key is never to give up :)
Through this journey I've earned new friends and I've learned not only how to be a journalist but how to survive in a male dominated workplace.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Smell Of Summer

Hello everyone :)
This is the last week that I'm working!
This means that my internship as a journalist is finally over..
It was a long journey and I've learned much more than I expected 
but now the summer is here and I'm ready to forget all about work and relax!
I went to kinetta this weekend and I got a small taste of the summer :)
I miss so much the sea and the sand, I love making castles.
Sometimes I feel like the winter stayed too long...

I'm so ready to wear all my summer clothes, to buy a new bikini and to get a tan.
So do you have plans for this summer?
What is your favorite season?


Sunday, May 19, 2013

FreeTress Equal Hair Lace Front Wig - MILLY

Hello everyone!!
My wig just came! I'm SO freakin happy you really cannot imagine!!!
The only 40$ well spent like ever! ok?
FreeTress Equal Hair Lace Front Wig - MILLY (4" Deep Invisible Part Lace)

 Just look at this beauty! I mean I use flash in all of these shots and this is all the shine it gives out. If that's not impressive I don't know what is really. I've been wearing it around the house and outside as well all day! It's really light-weight and the hair feels like real. I've already shown it to all my friends and we all agree that we didn't know what a good synthetic wig was until now.
I don't know if you can tell the colors all that well because i have non existent photo skills and most of the photos came out blurry, bad quality etc. It has dark roods and lighter brown highlights making the wig even more natural. It tangles less than my real hair (when I have them straight of course).
Also about the outfit, this is the new dress I got from a local store. And I'm pretty much in love with this as well. Now all I have to do is find excuses to wear this dress and this wig. 
Also I managed to get a picture with Ella as you can see where we both look cute but alas the quality is hideous but I'll take what I can get with this kitten.
What I love about this dress (apart from the pattern and the fullness) is the back, I took a photo of the back which came out like this:
Well I am not sure how I feel about the fact that every set of pictures seems to be taken by different cameras, like I've taken the firsts couple of photos yesterday, then the next photos 2 years ago and the last photos 7 years ago or something..

I'll write a full review of the wig in another post with much more detailed pictures!

WIG Info:
Bought from EBay
Official page
color: OP4/30

So! What do you think?? Have you ever bought a wig as lovely as this and in that price range? (if so let me know)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AliExpress Dresses Review

Hello everyone :)
I recently bought 2 dresses from AliExpress and since many people complain about the quality of the products and the credibility of the sellers I decided to make a review!
So these are the original photos of the dresses I purchased.
Here are the dresses I received.
As you can see they are the same dresses as in the photo above..
I really don't feel deceived, the communications with the seller was decent and I'm really happy that the colors are so vibrant, although I thought that the pink dress would be more like a baby pink rather than purple pink.
And this is me wearing the dresses.
I was extremely afraid that they would be too small for me(although I wear size 36, 8 in UK) so I bought the medium size.
I really loved the blue and green dress because it looks retro and fun..
Now for the pink dress I have to say that I'm a little disappointed I choose medium size cause it's too big in my waist.
I know it doesn't seem too big on me but I'm totally sure that if I had chosen the small one it would fit perfectly.
Overall I believe that buying dresses form AliExpress was really simple
and doesn't involve any risk as long as you see the ratings of the seller.
I definitely gonna buy again dresses form this site cause the quality isn't bad and the prices are really low.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outfit & Hair Update!

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since you've last seen my face and I'm just glad to be back to blogging again :D
Lately I've been really busy with school (I know I've said that numerous times)
But anyway, this post is about hair.
As you can see from the photos, I've decided to let my hair fade to this cute light pink color for summer (well  it's inevitable since sun fades them anyway).
And so far I'm loving it!

And that's the outfit, I'm wearing my brand new shirt from Primark! It's so cute!
And yes I know the angle of the photo on the left makes my head look super huge compared to my body. Like a big pink potato head but that was all I got!.
I'm really liking how my hair turned out. Although the bangs are close to a white color, in the photos it looks like it's an effect of the lighting but trust me, my hair aren't that shiny, they are just whiter in some areas and obviously darker at the ends.
Another great thing about this set of photos is the fact that the orange bits in my hair won't show at all. YAY! Wish that was happening in real life too...
On other news, we are taking regularly Ella out for walk and I think it's the best idea ever 'cause after she's pretty much exhausted and we can pet her without mercy! (I'm not even sorry).

And a question for you all!
Would you put your pets on raw diet?? I'm thinking of putting Ella on raw diet since I've learned how damaging dry food is for our pets but I would love some input from people that have tried it (like recipes etc)
-I'll write more about this in a next post-

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