Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vacation in Crete Part 2

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm gonna show you the rest of the photos I took in Crete!
In this photo I am in Elafonisi, which was my favorite beach in the island.
The sea was warm and the water looked unreal..
The other characteristic of this beach is that water level doesn't get really deep.
This is so awesome since I'm not a good swimmer!

I had with me all my toys but I didn't really used them.
That's how amazing this beach was..
Another beach that I really loved was kedrodasos.
There was a large cedar forest near the beach.
The forest had these old trees which live in the sand.
The most important part is that the beach isn't exactly easy to reach thus there are not 
many people there.
The one part I didn't really liked are the rocks on the beach
and the really cold water!
But anyway this was one of the most interesting trips I've ever done
and I would definitely do it again!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Trip to Parnitha

Hello everyone,
A few weeks back (right before I started working) I went on a one-day trip at mountain Parnitha. Much of the mountain is designated a national park and covers about 250 square kilometres of land. We visited the Mpafi shelter there and the area around it. 

It was really beautiful and refreshing since the temperature there is usually 10+ degrees less compared to Athens. In fact I was happy that I had a sweater or else I would catch a cold!
There are plenty pine and fir trees providing nice shade. There are picnic tables around but we didn’t have time to prepare and ate at the shelter nearby instead (photos in my next post). There are deers as well willing to be fed by people!
Overall it was a great day and helped me relax a bit ‘cause nowadays it’s not really often that I take a day break. I’ve been busy with school exams and my thesis almost everyday since Christmas, I feel. Like immediately after the exams I started working on my thesis, then exams again in June while still working on my thesis. 3 weeks ago the opportunity rose for me to work for a company (2 month internship) and I didn’t want to miss that chance. So now I have to complete my thesis, study for my final exams at my university and complete my internship and all these will be over by October 3rd.  
So yeah, this trip pretty much my vacation for the summer (I didn’t know that then) but I promised myself I will go for a week’s long vacation in October ! Talk to you soon! Daphne

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vacation in Crete Part 1

Hello everyone :)
As I promised today I'm gonna show you some photos I took from Crete!
Crete is a huge island and sadly I had the chance to see just a small part of it's beauty.
I loved all the beaches, all of them had clear waters and soft sand waiting for you to dig!
This beach is called Falassarna and it was so huge
 that everyone had plenty of space to swim!
My new bikini perfectly matched the beach!
Also it was a little bit windy so you couldn't feel the sun burning you.
This is a really big problem because if you forget to put a ton of sunscreen
it's quite sure you'll be burned!
The next beach I visited was Finikodasos (palm forest)
Palm trees are not exactly ordinary in Greece
 so I was really excited to see them by the sea.
This forest was burned few years ago but now it's all green.
It's really impressive that many palm trees are still a little bit black from the smoke of the fire 
but they are still growing.
Here again are the palm trees that they are almost touching the sea.
This is definitely my favorite photo
This is the end of part one,
get ready for part two..


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Body Issues

Hello everyone :)
Today I just came back from my summer vacation!
I went to Crete and I had a blast.
I'll make a post really soon with photos of the island but now I prefer to talk about another topic..
Today while I was in the boat I overheard a group of girls talking about their summer vacation.
They all said that they had a great time BUT they wouldn't dare to upload the photos they took because they were really disappointed with their bodies..
Let me rephrase that..
10 girls all agreed that they wouldn't upload ANY of the photos they took while they were on vacation cause ALL OF THEM felt really bad about their bodies.

This is so crazy!
They kept saying over and over that the scenery was awesome but their big fat thighs ruined the photos.
I was wondering how it is possible for all of them to have the same opinion.
I still don't know why I didn't do something..
For one moment I thought "Oh I know that feeling.." but suddenly I almost slapped myself with the sudden realisation that this thought is extremely inappropriate.
You start by saying "oh maybe if my stomach was flat or maybe if my thighs had a gap I would have the self esteem to post those photos"..
No this is wrong on so many levels, we beat ourselves everyday for no reason.
Why do I need to look like a barbie to love myself.
Society doesn't have the power to destroy you when you love yourself, society waits to hear you say "what if" and then break you.
It all starts from within, sometimes we have to find our inner power to fight the voice who says you are not good enough.. cause you are!


Friday, August 9, 2013

New Wigs

Hello everyone :)
Me and Daphne finally bought new wigs!!
They are awesome!
We really love wigs cause it's so amazing to change your whole image in one minute!
The blond wig is the Model Model synthetic lace front wig baby tiara
and the brown one is the Model Model synthetic hair deep invisible part wig mocha.
I really loved the blond one 
and I feel that the lace front wigs are so easy to wear.
This is my first lace front wig and the hair is so soft and nice
Actually both wigs are really realistic and they are not even real hair!
They don't even tangle that much!
It's so impressive!
Also both wigs are in nice colors.
The blond in these photos seems more yellow but the real color is a perfect really light blond.
I think a new obsession has just started..


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Primark Floral Print Prom Dress

Hello everyone :)
I'm so excited today cause I'm wearing my new floral dress!!
It's so big and cute, I really love it!
I'm constantly thinking that since I have blue hair I should avoid bying blue dresses cause they make my hair look grey or green..
but I can't help it, I've tried but I can't, I adore blue and everytime I see a blue dress I instantly say "I've got to make you mine!!"
So I have to accept that all my dresses will be blue.
As you may have noticed currently I'm a little obsessed with dresses 
and I can't seem to stop.
This is not the only dress I bought soon you'll see more :)


Monday, August 5, 2013

Ella The Super Model Photoshoot

Hello everyone :)
Today it's a cat lovers day cause Ella has honored us with her presence!
She was watching outside of the window and she was really happy to take some photos.
She is a true supermodel since when there is a camera near by she poses..
I mean she's a natural..
She poses like she's thinking something very deep but we all know that all she thinks about is food.
This is no joke, she constantly wants to be fed!
Everytime we approach the freezer she begs to get a treat!
How someone could resist to feed this lovely creature?
Well we do..
especially since she has gained a little bit of weight after being neutered.
We all love her but her little belly has gotten bigger and bigger, so we have to say no.
We have to look her deep in the eyes and say 
no Ella this delicious chicken is not for you it's for us..
Always and Forever 
Alyssa..oh no 

Ella the cat!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Trip To Spetses

Hello everyone :)
I just came back from a short trip to Spetses.
I've never been to this island before and I was quite impressed with the beauty of the place.
I loved the nice small alleys that are painted blue and white,
I loved the crystal clear waters and most of all I adored a pet shop called Miamor!
This name is definitely the cutest name I've ever seen for a pet shop..
My mind was blown away..
Anyway I had a great time in Spetses and now I'm packing my bags to go to Crete!
This is perfect time for vacation if you don't have any other obligations..
Daphne right now is working and studying without any break, 
so give her all your support cause she has to be a supershero to work so hard!

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