Friday, February 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday #4

Hello everyone, in today's Throwback Thursday I'll take you back to the time I had purple hair. I really liked how this color was dark and vibrant at the same time. I dyed it this color for my internship. Back then I've figured that I would look more professional with my hair dyed a darker shade (as opposed to pink). But after a few weeks I have already missed my nice pink hair and as soon as I finished the internship I enjoyed taking long hot showers and watching the color washing away. It was such a pain to maintain the color as well. I wanted to keep it fresh and vibrant for 7 weeks without dying it again so I had to be extra careful considering the super sunny Greek summers. 
So yeah, in the picture you can see my interview outfit which was really boring and really not me, as well as the serious interview make up. I had my hair tied up as well. I also had a jacket but outside it was like 40 degrees so I didn't have a chance to wear it. Oh I was so excited and full of hopes that day... oh well. These pictures were taking as an addition to my hair timeline, which I should upload sometime...
So, have you ever dyed your hair for an interview??

Till next time,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Body Policing

Hello everyone. Today I wanna talk about a thing that happened to me last night. I was out with my boyfriend and we were about to meet some of his friends, I was wearing high waisted shorts and a shirt, my hair were a little bit wavy and my makeup was flawless with long lashes and killer cateye. I was feeling really confident with myself and my outfit until I saw my boyfriends friends...
At first they greeted us and then one of these guys had the nerve to ask  me what I was wearing. WHOA. I curtly and politely replied "an awesome outfit" but this wasn't the end of this conversation. He though he would be too smart or too funny to tell me that it seem I had forgot to wear pants (cause my legs were showing) I'm not the person  that he could take down that easily so I replied "well this is a lovely outfit and I wont accept any more judgement". Then his beloved friends jumped to save his ass and started telling me that I should at least admit that my outfit was provocative. This was outrageous! What it's so provocative with wearing shorts? Maybe my legs that he has seen multiple times on the beach  all of the sudden are socking and provocative. Or maybe my body is oversexualised in his little brain that he can't see how sexist he is. I have no idea why I should endure this pain every day and deal with all those people who think that they have the right to judge others for what they wear. What I wore that night was none of his business and actually I don't care about anyone's opinion, if I feel confident in an outfit I won't take it off for nobody!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moden Art Museum

Hello, everyone today I'd like to share with you photos from a modern gallery I went to. These are somewhat old since I have totally forgot about them... I went with Efi which is our professional photographer who has an eye for artistic photos.I like going to modern art museums as you can always see something new and bizarre, like rocks or scary stuff. It can be funny and educational at the same time. Well I am no art expert but I always try my best to understand the art in front of me, usually failing though... 
This first photo is my favorite from the bunch. Efi took a lot of photos trying to capture the "moment" and I really liked the result. It goes well with my hair and that's all that matters.
Here I pose with the most bored expression ever in front of a survivor inspired theme apparently. I did not understand the exhibit and the wallpaper looked like it was placed in a hurry.
Next there was this little cute house-exhibit. I liked it as I think it would be perfect as a real trailer house of someone with style. Sadly you are not allowed to pose in the exhibit..
Lastly I posed with this thread spuns painting. Since I like to sew it seemed fitting. Orange doesn't go well with my hair but this time I made an exception.
So yeah, do you like to visit modern art museums even though you probably won't understand anything??


Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Favorites #4

Hello everyone!
First on the list  is this feminist killjoy sweater brooch set from Modern Girl Blitz. It was hard to choose just one item from a store with such a huge collection of accessoaies for the modern feminist girl.
A black and white cat sweatshirt must always be in my closet for those cozy days that I'm gonna eat a little more than usual.
The lilac superhero dress has to be the most awesome pattern I have ever seen. All the strong female superhero characters are in it cause this is girl power!
Now I take that back! The Love Game Tank Top Part Dress has the most awesome pattern I've ever seen! Who can resist muscular top less football players along with cheesy pick up lines? The hearts on the pattern makes it perfect for Valentine's day as well.
So what items are on your favourites list? Share some of them with us!
Have a great weekend!

Gracie & Daphne

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday #3

Hello everyone! In this tbt I have a photo to share with you from 2011. It was the first time I visited London with Daphne and I was amazed by the beauty of the city. We had long walks at parks, we fed some ducks and squirrels and we did a loooot of shopping!
It was such an amazing trip cause the weather was really nice and it didn't rain not even once! This photo in front of the duck island cottage does bring a lot of memories, mainly with ducks!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ella the cutest cat

Hello everyone! Today Ella was extremely cute and I couldn't resist taking some photos! She was laying on me like this!
I really don't know if she knows how cute she is.. Sometimes I wanna grab her and cuddle for hours but she won't like it for sure!
Her cute little eyes (they are actually enormous but anyway) look so sceptical. Maybe she tries to solve the mysteries of life or she just wonders when she's gonna eat again.
Daphne claims that this fluffy cat is still petite, she ignores that she's a grown woman now. She is independent and only meows when she sees a fly or an insect on the wall.
When she sees the insect she demands to grab her and take her as close as possible to it so she can grab it. If she catches is it she chooses to play for a little while and then she devours it out of mercy.
But if she doesn't catch it she's gonna meow at it forever to surrender.


Little Mistress Jacquard Skater Dress

Hello everyone! Today I'm super happy cause my new dress from Asos arrived . It's called Little Mistress Jacquard Skater Dress!I always wanted a dress from this brand, obviously because of the name.
I'm really sorry I couldn't take better photos cause I was terribly late for a date. This dress might not seem suitable for the winter since it's in light pink but if you hate wearing black all the time like me it's awesome to have light colored dresses in your wardrobe.
The part that I really loved and didn't expected with this dress is that it has a small petticoat to make the skirt look fuller! Furthermore it's made from woven fabric and looks super retro!
I wish I had time to make victory rolls to complete the look.. 


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Toy Store Adventure

Hello everyone :) Today me and Daphne went for a shopping spree in a local toy store! We had to choose some presents for Daphne's little cousins but we ended up buying everything cute in the store. It is so nice to be in a toys store early in the morning cause there are no kids around to cry or yell. So we had all the store for us!At first, we went to our favorite aisle the one with the Lalaloopsy dolls! They are so perfect, they have pink and blue hair! I was super jealous that Daphne found a princess doll in pink, it's so unfair that there is no princess with blue hair.
The only cute doll that I found with blue hair is this sailor with the silly hair.. I can't be royal but at least I found a cute doll.Also the sailor had a cute octopus friend.
Then we took a look at the section with the plushies. Some really cute blue and pink rabbits were waiting for us. I know it's not Easter but who can resist them?
Next we went on the hello kitty section! All this pink makes me so happy! Although the one thing that I don't approve is the kitchen toys for girls! Girls don't need to learn how to cook, they need to find someone who cooks for them!
When we stopped looking for dolls we found the puzzles. Daphne really enjoys them and she bought a puzzle with 1500 pieces!! I hope she finish it soon so she can show it to you.
This was our first day shopping after Christmas. These days we search for universities and it's super frustrating. We hope this torture to end soon. We wish you a happy week!

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