Friday, August 22, 2014

Part 3: Vacation in Rhodes

Hello everyone, as I promised in my previous post, today I'll upload some photos from the Old town in the city of Rhodes. I'm wearing another two-piece dress that I've made. This one has little ice creams on and a cute scallop edge at the top.
I love how this entrance to the castle is leading us straight to the port/beach. When I visited the island last year in the winter I had taken loads of photos here. It is even more beautiful now with the flowering plants.
As I was taking photos, a cute cat appeared nearby. She totally reminded me of Ella only hairier. I wish I could bring her home. She was unfriendly just like Ella as well. They would have a blast together ignoring me.
Another entrance of the castle. Less glamorous this time but with cute stairs. One of the central points of Old town. I can't say it is particularly beautiful but the rest of the town is. This is one of the "hottest" nightlife spots for the locals.
And of course parrots randomly sitting around. I don't even know. I'm pretty sure parrots aren't common in Rhodes or anywhere in Greece, But here there were at least 7 parrots lazing around. Maybe they had an owner? they were an attraction? I don't know.
Here is me in front of the main entrance to the castle. Please excuse the low quality of the image but I had to upload it. I waited so long for the tourists to clear up the scene to let this photo die.
The magnificent castle. So so beautiful. I could totally picture myself living here. I wouldn't even mind the tourists, I would creep on them from above lol.
Greeting from my new home! There is only one part left of my Vacation to Rhodes series. Have a great rest of summer everyone!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ella a cute cute cat

Hello everyone :) Today I spend a day with Ella and she was adorable as always. I love it when she looks at me with those big round eyes.
 I wanna hug her and pet her all the time. She is the most adorable cat I have ever seen. Sometimes she bites and other times she doesn't want to be pet but I can't help it loving her so much.
 She thinks that she is the master of the house and everyone should hear her orders. She demands to be fed every morning and she wants her massages while she is relaxing late in the afternoon.
She is a demanding female but I would never call her bossy, she just knows what she wants when she wants it.
Awww those eyes are killing me. 
Have a great day!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Packing my bags for vacation

Hello everyone :)
Today I am packing my bags for a small trip! I will go to the Ionian sea and visit some islands. I really wanna go to Ithaki and Kerkyra or even Paxos but I am not sure yet! I don't think I will be able to see all seven islands of the Ionian sea!
I am super excited but also anxious that I am gonna forget to put in my suitcase something really important, like enough bathing suits! Doing a checklist is not easy neither is picking what outfits to get. I wish I could carry all my closet with me!
Ionio here I come! I wish you have an awesome time!!!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Part 2: Rhodes vacation photos + handmade two piece dress

Hello everyone, today I'll be sharing another two piece dress I've made. It has cute mermaids all over! Of course it's made out of fabric best suited for children's sheets. However I'm at a point in my sewing career where I don't care what kind of fabric I'll use, as long as it is cute!
The city of Rhodes has this amazing ancient castle. It's so large that on average you'll need about a day to walk around, check out the little shops, eat etc. There is a little town is thriving inside the castle. 

With so many tourists I found it hard to take any decent photos of the inside. In my next post I'll upload my favourite ones. Seeing these pics now is making me nostalgic. I had such a magnificent time in Rhodes and it will be a long time till my next vacation.
I've made about 3-4 different two-piece dresses for my vacation and I had a blast parading around town in them. The construction of the dresses isn't the best but they did their job. Now I want to start sewing my autumn/winter clothes 'cause I won't be able to take my sewing machine in the UK. It makes me sad but sewing is a hobby that takes a LOT of time and space all of which I won't have next year.

What is your favourite hobby?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Ella cat

Hello everyone :) Ella today was so desperate to find a cool place in the house and she ended laying in the balcony floor.
Sometimes she prefers to stay in a little room in the house that is really warm, she sleeps there for hours and she enjoys staying there because it's dark and quite. Other times she seems extremely disturbed by the heat.
So the question remains. Is she feeling the heat like we do? This summer is one of the hottest and I am not sure how she manages to stay in a room in the temperature of an oven.
 I am guessing that she has a high tolerance in heat. I have asked her several times if she enjoys cold water or ice in the summer but she has never really gave me an answer.
Ella doesn't meow often. She prefers to look at you straight in the eyes and blink slowly her huge eyes. I know that's a sign of love but sometimes I wonder if she wants to murder me. I mean look at this half closed eyes..she seems suspicious.
So what do you think, can cats feel the hot weather like humans?
Ella is wishing you all a happy weekend!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday #10 the extreme edition

Hello everyone. Today my mom was looking at some old photos and she found some from when I was one year old! I had chubby cheeks and an awesome haircut!
I was so young and carefree. I am not sure if I was even talking. These were good times.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pink Handmade Leopard Dress

Hello everyone :)
Today I decided to wear my new handmade pink leopard dress! It's a two piece again and it's one of the easiest dresses I have ever made!
 The fabric is elastic so I didn't even use a zipper, and actually the most boring stuff is trying to put a zipper especially on the top. It's quite tricky when you have to adjust the length of the zipper and you are forced to cut it.
am extremely impressed with the result since this is the first time I tried to do a tight dress. When I saw the fabric on the store I imagined myself as a pink cheetah and I loved it.
Have a great day!

Friday, August 1, 2014

New social media buttons

Happy Friday to everyone!
We are happy to announce that we've finally added social media buttons on our website. We've been postponing this for so long its not even funny.
Now you can check out our Instagram account (which we update daily):

Our Tumblr account where we post and reblog funny and cute photos:
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We also have included our facebook account where we post all our updates from Blogger, Twitter and Instagram.
For more updates on our lives follow us on your favourite social media!

ps. you can find the buttons here

Daphne & Gracie
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